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Donation Guide
Neutrum Ragnarok Online Donation Guidlines
Thank you for considering donating to Neutrum Ragnarok Online. Playing is 100% free; however, purchasing an item supports and helps us cover the costs of running a server. Purchasing items or donations help us pay the server, web hosting fees, future upgrades, advertising and other server expenses.

  •  Buying items are not refundable in any way at all.
  •  Please be reminded that in this way, you are helping Neutrum Ragnarok Online to be alive.
  •  You are not forced to buy items; it is your own choice.
  •  Once you buy, you are much appreciated for helping this server but when you break a rule, you'd still be vulnerable enough to get sanctioned accordingly.
  •  We will not be responsible if any funds are lost due to hack or scam. It is your own responsibility.
  •  No item refining nor special items will be given (for balancing purposes).


PhP 50 = 1 Donation Ticket (DT)
1 USD ($) = 1 Donation Ticket (DT)


Step 1. Choose a mode of payment
  • GCash
  • BDO
  • Paypal
Step 2. Send Donation
      Details are as follows:

            John Benedict T. Guardalupe
            GCash: 09673197863
            BDO: 002030219882

           Note: When sending thru Paypal. You send it as "FRIEND"

Step 3. Send an email as proof of donation
After the transaction, send an email to with the following details: (to be copy pasted, & filled up completely)

Quote:Subject: GCash/BDO/PayPal Donation

Character Name (IGN):
Account Username:
Sender's Complete Name:
Amount Sent:
Attach or Send the Receipt Photo.

Step 4. Verify
After emailing us the details above, kindly send a PM to our Neutrum Ragnarok Online FB Page 

Please be advised that once you donate, your IGN will be broadcast in-game
Thank you for your support!
For Donations using GCash Application, kindly also attach to the email the screenshot of the text message of GCash like the one below. For verification purposes. Thanks!!

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