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Lost Item Retrieval & Return Policy
This policy is effective starting September 01, 2020. Any cases before the said date are not included & are not considered to be eligible for recovery/return.
  • Lost items in-game can only be retrieved ONCE per player, regardless if its a NPC item, rare loot or even a rare card. Meaning if you lost a rare card and you retrieved it, your next lost items e.g donation items cannot be retrieved. 
  • This is applicable for one instance only. Meaning, if you lost 5 items in a single instance. Those 5 items can be retrieved, regardless of the type or rarity of the items lost. The GM Team will not be responsible for the next instances.
  • Lost item cases are only restricted to the following:
           - Item was accidentally sold to an NPC
           - Item was dropped in a town, dungeon, castle maps etc. Therefore, either disappearing in the ground or being looted by a monster. (Does not include player)
           Cases that don't follow such incidents and are highlighted in the Server Rules & Regulations (Item No. 3) are not eligible for retrieval nor return. 
           Items lost due to deletion of character using @deletecharacter command or the like will also not be considered.
  • Once the player retrieves his/her lost item, any succeeding instance will no longer be entertained by the GM Team.
  • To report or retrieve a lost item, send us a message on our Facebook Page with the format that is found at the bottom of this thread.
    - Reports will be processed and investigated around 3 - 5 days after the day of report.
    - When a player informs the GM Team about a "Lost item" the player needs to provide an estimate time or a specific date when the incident happened, and if possible send a screenshot of his/her chat box if the item is dropped/sold.

  • This policy is only applicable to instances that were identified to be caused by player carelessness or negligence. Lost item cases due to in-game bugs or script malfunctions will be returned immediately as soon as it is identified as such and will not count as a "Lost Item" case.
(to be copy pasted and sent through our Facebook Page ,completely filled up)

Lost Item Report
*In-game Name:
*Estimated time/specific date of incident:
*Lost due to:
*Lost Items:

Example of filled up report: 

Lost Item Report
*In-game Name: Keigo
*Estimated time/specific date of incident: September 12, 2020 10:00AM~1:00PM
*Lost due to: Accidentally dropped when removing items because I was overweight
*Lost Items: Bunch of Carnation x1, +10 Ice pick [1]

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