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Job Modifications
Neutrum Ragnarok Online is a server built from scratch. Therefore, the server doesn't have every modification of a 255/120 private server that everyone is used to. This is due to the balance issues of some of those modifications. The server is in continuous development to provide a different feel for the game for both first timers/old players and casual/hardcore players. Below are the summary of notable modifications per Job from the Day 1 patch to the latest. If you don't find a specific job modification here, assume that it is on DEFAULT, which is based on kRO.

Lord Knight
  • Parrying now works with One Hand Sword
  • Bowling Bash now has Agi-based delay, (196 ASPD = no after cast delay)
  • Brandish Spear now has Agi-based delay, (196 ASPD = no after cast delay)
  • Spiral Pierce now has Agi-based delay, (196 ASPD = no after cast delay)
  • Parrying Block chance reduced from 50% to 35%
  • Knight Spirit now Increases Damage done by Spear Boomerang by 225%
  • Increased Shield Chain damage from 100% (default) to 200%
  • Decreased Sacrifice damage from 100% (default) to 80%
  • Cart Termination now has Agi-based delay, 196 ASPD = no after cast delay
Creator / Biochemist
  • Full Chemical Protection skill removes Strip debuff/status
  • Alchemist Spirit now Increases effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by 200%
High Wizard
  • Wizard Spirit now works with Maya Card reflect effect
  • Able to use Emergency Call while walking (Free Cast passive)
  • Mind Break Max Level changed from Lvl 5 to Lvl 1
High Priest
  • Sanctuary Heal increased from 777 heal per tick to 18.5k heal per tick.
  • Cannot use Body Relocation when under Ankle Snare, Spider Web or Close Confine.
  • Asura Strike cast delay reduced from 2 to 1 second. (Can be further reduced by Kiel)
Assassin Cross
  • Increased Sonic Blow damage from 100% (default) to 120%
  • Decreased Sonic Blow Fixed cooldown from 2 seconds (default) to 1.5 seconds
  • Increased Grimtooth damage from 100% (default) to 200%
  • Ankle Snare durability increased from 3.5k to 8k
  • Ankle Snare now allows allies to pass through
  • Ankle Snare Max Lvl from 5 to 3
  • Plagiarize can now copy Sacrifice & Acid Demonstration skill
  • Rogue Spirit now enables Single Strip skills to bypass Full Chemical Protection by a 3% chance
Star Gladiator
  • Allowed Feeling of the Sun, Moon & Stars to be used on any map
  • Remove Union of Sun, Moon & Stars penalty when hitting monsters
  • Can now cast Hatred on Emperium
  • @feelreset & @hatredreset commands enabled
  • Star Gladiator Spirit now Increases damage to MVP Monsters by 150%
  • Decreased Desperado fixed cooldown from 1 second to 0.5 second
  • Increased Desperado damage from 100% (default) to 115%
  • Increased Rapid Shower damage from 100% (default) to 115%
I'll be updating this every time we buff/nerf some jobs so stay tuned!

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