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Guild Package Application
Reminders & Initial Guidelines before claiming Guild Package
  • Guild Leader must communicate with the GM Team when the guild would like to claim their guild package. (This will take at least 15~30 minutes and will take longer if you don't follow the instructions written in this thread)
  • It is recommended to claim both Solo and Guild package for the whole guild at the same time to prevent confusions on both sides. 
  • Both Solo & Guild Package can only be claimed STRICTLY ONCE PER PERSON
  • All Guild package chests & Valkyrie Exchange Coupons will be given to the Guild Leader. Distribution will be up to the guild leader.
  • Please note that the Guild Package chest is not bounded in any way but the Valkyrie Set Exchange Coupon is guild bounded.

Requirements before claiming:
  1. At least a total of 10 guild members must be online in-game when it is time to claim the guild package. STRICTLY NO DUAL LOGIN ACCOUNTS.
  2. A complete list of details regarding the guild. This list must enumerate all the members of the guild regardless if they exceed the 18 Guild capacity, and the sender of this must separate the online from the offline members of the guild before claiming guild package. 
  3. LIST details are as follows: (To be copy pasted)
Quote:Guild Name: Guild Name

Guild Leader: IGN = FB_Link
Online Guild Members: (15/18)

1. IGN = FB_Link
2. IGN = FB_Link
3. IGN = FB_Link
4. IGN = FB_Link
5. IGN = FB_Link
15. IGN = FB_Link

16. IGN = FB_Link
17. IGN = FB_Link
18. IGN = FB_Link

  • Please be advised that dummy Facebook accounts will not be counted as a member, and may require extra verifications
  • If the player doesn't have a Facebook account, any social media accounts will do.
  • Each member of the guild that is listed is required to join the Facebook Group

How to Claim:
  1. Send the Guild LIST through messenger on our Facebook Page . (Sent by Guild Leader only)
  2. Wait for the GM/Staff to process and verify the sent LIST
  3. Stay online during the verification process.
  4. Claim your Guild Package

Quote:Guild Package details:

1. For a minimum of 10 Members
  • 10x Guild Package Chests
  • 20x Valkyrie Set Exchange Coupons
2. For a minimum of 15 Members
  • 15x Guild Package Chests
  • 32x Valkyrie Set Exchange Coupons
3. For a maximum of 18 Members
  • 18x Guild Package Chests
  • 40x Valkyrie Set Exchange Coupons


  • If the guild exceeds the guild capacity (18), the 19th+ members will be considered as 1 guild. Therefore, another set of Guild package will be given to them as long as they follow the number of minimum/maximum members required. 
  • The guild is eligible for a package upgrade as long as they meet the minimum/maximum required of members.
            - Example, if at first they have 10 members and the next day they added another 5 members, they will receive an extra 5x Guild Package Chest and 12x Valkyrie Set Exchange Coupon on top of the package they already received the previous day because their total members are 15.


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